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Alyuda has a reputation for excellent software and support. The following is a partial list of our unsolicited testimonials. Read what our customers say about our company and our products:

"Your program has a very nice interface and is very easy to use. I particularly like the ability to search the architecture of the network in order to get the optimal structure. The error reporting is very intuitive and helpful as is the input sensitivity analysis. Overall, a very easy to use and effective product."
Paul Zimmons, The University of North Carolina, USA

"I have to say I am suitably impressed, the user interface is straightforward and I was able to optimise an architecture for a test dataset very quickly."," I am very happy with the overall design and functioning of the software."
Andrew Mason, Formation Design Systems, Australia

"I have evaluated a number of neural net type products on the data sets described below, and the Forecaster XL has done very well."
Barry Wiseman, Triumphfoods, USA

"My first impression that the product (NeuroIntelligence) is excellent. I like the interface very much. It's pretty, intuitive, and very slick."
Alexis Pobedonostzeff, Pfizer Inc., USA

"In general the functionality oh the product (NeuroIntelligence) is very good an very easy to use. Congratulations."
Claudio Favre, Codelco, Chile

"We find here your software very helpful and "friendly" for our applications!"
Anca Ferent, Sain-Gobain, France

"Excellent: after a very short introduction in neural networks i was able to grasp immediately the meaning of all that through your Forecaster XL and the interface of Excel! Keep in this direction."
Giovanni Baruzzi, SyntLogo GmbH, Germany

"Conclusion: In my opinion your software (NeuroIntelligence) is very good. It would be crazy not to buy."
Azhar Syed, The University of New South Wales, Australia

"The program is working GREAT!!!", "Thank you for your prompt reply.  I would have had to spend weeks trying to figure this out!!"
Don VanMeter , Citybank, USA

"First of all I would like to say WAW! I downloaded the trial of your forcasting program that uses Wizard interface and I love it!"
Nimer Rimawi, Stevens Institute of Technology, USA

"It was a pleasure for me to use your generous software and hence through my department I pass their thanks to you."
Mohammed Abdalla Ayoub Mohammed,
King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia

"The program seems to work flawlessly and I am very impressed."
Charlie Howellm, U.S. EPA, USA

"Thank you so much, your support has been stellar."
Nathan C. Hansen, Intenigma, Inc. USA

"I'm using Alyuda Neurointelligence very successfully. I'm really happy with the software."
Daniel Steiner, University of Bern, Switzerland


"I think NeuroIntelligence is the best NN software i try to buy it."
Erwinta Siswadi, Bank BTN, Jakarta, Indonesia

"Thank you for your prompt response. Your system is very user friendly. I am used to working with the old CAD/CHEM software but this is a definite improvement. I will recommend that we purchase this software."
Wendy I. Wilson, Ph.D. Research Scientist, J. M. Huber Corporation, USA

"We have a number of research projects that need neural networks software. And we arereally impressed by the number of features your software offers."
Ramesh S. V. Teegavarapu,
Assistant Director, Kentucky Water Resources Research Institute, USA

"We have a number of research projects that need neural networks software. And we arereally impressed by the number of features your software offers.", "It the best software for prediction i had."

"It the best software for prediction I had."
Nurainu Yusoff, Amble Action, Inc., Malaysia

"The product is very well done."
Sorin Munteanu, Universitatea Transilvania Brasov, Romania

"It is [Forecaster XL] a fantastic tool and extremely user-friendly."
Terry Jayasuriya, BSP, Brunei

"Your tool is very useful for me in my teaching."
Sripathy Sivakumar, Bharathiyar College of Engg. & Tech

"You are really good programmers."
Tamer Ayvaz,Pamukkale University,Turkey