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Product Delivery

Project is a business cycle of interaction between the Company and the end-user in the process of selling Company´s product and its deployment and maintenance.

Partnering with Alyuda for your product development services helps you leverage a strong value proposition, low time to market, reduced development costs and quality manpower.

The structure of the project can vary depending on the Customer's additional requirements and the complexity of the project. The most typical stages in a project are:


  • Preliminary investigation of system requirements and Vision preparation
  • Primary data analysis, incl. statistical and representativeness analysis
  • Initial database design and selection of operating methods for database
  • Definition of necessary quantity of predictive models & decision strategies
  • Preliminary solution architecture, project plan and time&cost estimate


  • Detailed client interviews and Functional Specifications preparation
  • Comprehensive input/output data streams description
  • Preparation of data sets for modeling, incl. general statistical analysis
  • Analysis of data sets using different data mining methods, methods selection
  • Models, scorecards and decision strategies development


  • Software customization
  • Integration with internal BI applications (incl. BPMS, BRMS, CRM, etc.)
  • Integration with Back Office and internal databases
  • Integration with external data feeds and information streams
  • End-user beta-testing - last-minute usability improvements


  • Shipment and installation of server-side decision engines and internal DB
  • Shipment of end-user applications (web- or Windows-interface)
  • On-site testing
  • Shipment of reference materials and documentation
  • Training sessions (if required)


  • Software maintenance
  • Models and strategies performance evaluation
  • Report analysis
  • Solution efficiency analysis and improvement
  • Upgrades and updates