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Outsourced Product Development

In today's competitive business environment, Outsourced Product Development is a very important part of marketing strategy. And you can take the opportunity to obtain high-end product according to your requirements.

Alyuda Research offers world-class Outsourced Product Development services with established methodologies, strong engineering processes and high quality people to help customers realize their business goals and achieve leadership in business by delivering tangible, measurable benefits.

Alyuda ensures reliability, availability and scalability of services through quality assurance procedures, as well as flexibility in accommodating your specific needs.

We provide overall services in the areas of development, integration and management of AI systems in the real time process. Whether you need a trading platfrom or credit scoring system, or you are interested in white label solution, we can customize, install and help maintain any system you choose. All our products have been developed to serve as the B2B as well as the individual client´s needs:

  Trading Software
  • Charting and Technical Analysis systems
  • Order Management Front-end and Back-end solutions
  • Strategy-based Trading Systems
  • Solutions for advanced trading techniques (Elliott waves, chart patterns, trend analysis, Fibonacci and Gann tools)
  Artificial Intelligence for business purposes
  • Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms for automated trading
  • Forecasting tools
  • Custom problem solving solutions using Neural Networks
  • Pattern Recognition systems
  • Classification and clusterization tools
  • Artificial Intelligence in Credit Scoring
  Business solutions for different platforms
  • Microsoft .Net applications and libraries
  • Java solutions
  • Web sites and services
  • Application Integration and API development