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Business Models

Alyuda Research follows a systematic approach towards pricing based on its business models. Depending on your business needs and financial circumstances, you can choose the business model that is best suited for your development project.

1) Fixed Price Model
If the project can be well-estimated or clear specifications are defined, Alyuda Research suggests the fixed price model with fixed cost and delivery date. We analyze the project's requirements to provide clients with the most accurate price and delivery date to avoid unexpected risks or additional requirements after the budget is approved. This model works best for those customers who are concerned about progress in remote projects. For any changes at a later stage in the project execution, the client is charged a predefined fixed hourly rate.

2) Time and Material Model
This type of business model suits best those projects within which changes to specifications or design can be introduced midstream.

Before the project begins, you are provided with the effort estimates, project timeline, material estimates and other vital figures. The project progress is controlled by your inputs and direction. There are no hidden charges or any other additional costs involved, therefore you get the project developed end-to-end as per your budget provisions. The total project cost depends on the project execution time and deployed resources deployed.

3) Dedicated Team Model
This model lets you have your own offshore development center under your complete control. If you prefer to monitor the project progress and performance, Alyuda Research is glad to provide you with a dedicated development team having expertise in the required technology platform. All software developers in the dedicated team are accessible via email, instant messenger or by phone. We provide a very flexible model: if you are not satisfied with a team member, you have the full liberty to replace him without any obligation. Also, you can add or reduce staff working for you anytime you want. The dedicated team will be available to you at a fixed salary per person per month.

4) Hybrid Model
If the project does not fit into any model stated above, Alyuda Research offers a suitable combination of those business models thus creating a Hybrid model, with maximum flexibility and cost benefits. For example, the project scope is not detailed enough to enable us to estimate the effort. In this case, part of the project is executed within the Fixed Price model and another part is done within the Time and Material model.

Also, you are most welcome to contact us if you need help in finding out a suitable outsourcing business model for your development project.