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The company's mission is to provide high-end Outsourced Product Development (OPD) services worldwide. Following the latest technology achievements and innovations, Alyuda offers customizable, scalable and robust products thereby allowing you to use them in a suitable way.

One of the main strengths of Alyuda Research has always been its unrivalled flexibility in addressing the tremendously diverse and, oftentimes, challenging needs of its customers who represent a variety of industries, each of which has its own specifics.

Since the company´s founding, we have developed the only possible approach that allowed us to effectively solve the varying problems of those of our customers, whose business needs require more than the mere deployment of an off-the-shelf solution, however efficient this solution may be. This approach consists of offering top-quality Outsourced Product Development services to help you solve any problem, no matter how complex or unusual, both cost-effectively and with the best possible results.

Product Development
Alyuda provides high-end Outsourced Product Development services following proven methodologies and innovations to deliver cutting-edge solutions and match clients´ expectation.
With many years of a proven track record, Alyuda Research has developed evolved processes and skills to suit your specific business needs. Combining world class development expertise with modern technologies, Alyuda delivers state-of-the-art and cost-effective products.

Business Models
Realizing the variety of customers´ business needs, Alyuda provides the option of selecting the best suited business model that would meet your requests and requirements.
In its 9 years of existence, Alyuda has become a top-quality Outsourced Product Development company that delivers premium full-service in different areas, including Trading, Brokerage, Financial Institutions, Energy, Insurance, Healthcare and Science.