Company / Research


Alyuda's easy-to-use software employs some of the most powerful and up-to-the-minute technologies, ever invented in the world of neural networks and genetic algorithms. The Alyuda Research Group is constantly striving for new technological improvements in its intelligent tools and services. The Research Group has been highly successful in discovering and further developing new methods and processes of increasing the benefits derived by our customers from the Alyuda products and services.

The main goal of Alyuda Research´s activity is making neural networks accessible and beneficial to the widest possible range of customers. Therefore, our scientists and engineers focus on the following areas:
  • Methods and heuristics for automatic data analysis, cleansing and preprocessing;
  • Automatic neural network architecture selection, constructive algorithms;
  • Intelligent selection of network training parameters and stopping conditions;
  • Optimization algorithms and methods for real-world applications and business goals of our clients;
  • Financial applications of neural networks and genetic algorithms.

We believe that artificial neural networks will remain the mainstream of artificial intelligence for many years to come. Investing in neural network research today means gaining a considerable competitive advantage and many-fold increase in bottom-line in the nearest future.

Alyuda is constantly conducting a research and developing new solutions to remain at the forefront of the technology. Many of our inventions have become part of our customers´ custom solutions, helping them save significant amounts of funds. This is what distinguishes our Research Group from typical R&D departments - our efforts are targeted toward increasing our customers´ financial benefits rather than toward conducting research purely for the sake of new scientific achievements.