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Product Info

Tradecision® - Software For Thinking Traders

Tradecision is a professional-level trading software application for charting, technical analysis and building trading systems.

As well as employing the best of the commonly used techniques, Tradecision uses neural networks and genetic algorithms, providing several exclusive technical analysis capabilities.

Using proven techniques and Alyuda´s proprietary built-in algorithms, Tradecision users can analyze markets, test their ideas and maximize their profits while keeping their risks low and rewards high.

Tasks That Can Be Performed Using Tradecision

  • Developing and testing trading systems that are based on neural networks and technical indicators;
  • Strategy back-testing using Simulation Manager and a customizable language;
  • Charting with easy-to-use drawing tools;
  • Analyzing price data by using indicators and analytical studies;
  • Using genetic algorithms for fast and efficient trading system optimization;
  • Forecasting market moves and turning points.

Key Features

  • Intuitive charting tools allowing the chart data to be easily analyzed, edited, deleted, zoomed in on, and saved into ASCII files or as pictures.
  • More than 10 analytical studies and over 120 technical indicators
  • Elliott wave analysis
  • Trading system development, enhancement with Improvian language, back-testing using past data and optimization with genetic algorithms
  • Innovative Money Management editor with the most popular money management rules being predefined
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