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Key Features

Reliable forecasting with neural networks
High quality forecasting and classification due to employment of the latest achievements in artificial neural networks. The most reliable constructive algorithm available today is implemented in Alyuda Forecaster XL. The algorithm was carefully adopted and tuned for real-world applications. Better algorithms mean better forecasting. And Forecaster XL will bring it to you.

Integration with Microsoft Excel

By providing embedded support for Microsoft Excel, Alyuda allows you to use neural networks for forecasting directly inside your Excel worksheets. You can instantly apply forecasting capabilities of neural networks to your Excel data, while still retaining all of Excel’s data manipulation and formatting tools. Together, Forecaster XL and Excel give you the best of both worlds.

Exceptional ease of use

Forecaster XL was designed specially to give maximum comfort to Excel users with exploiting neural networks for forecasting inside Excel. All features are easily accessed from additional menu items and use only standard Excel interface for data manipulation.

Forecasting in several clicks

To get forecasting simply click "Create Network..." from Forecaster XL menu, select your input and target data and click "Train" to let Forecaster XL prepare the network for you. After this you need to just select or enter your new data and make one more click to get your forecasting ready. Furthermore, after the network is created you may save it and afterwards you need only to load it, enter new data and get your forecasting within seconds

Hidden details of neural network theory

Forecaster XL frees you from the need to learn details of neural network theory. It greatly simplifies the process of preparing a neural network needed for forecasting hiding from you any difficulty in neural network preparation and tuning.

Automated network selection

Forecaster XL automatically selects the most appropriate architecture for you forecasting problem.It runs a reliable constructive algorithm which finds the suitable network architecture automatically and saves you a lot of time.

Detailed Reporting

For those who want to have a detailed report about the created neural network and its structure as well as to inspect network performance during forecasting and data preprocessing, Forecaster XL delivers all needed information in separate Excel sheets. When creating a final report you may add training graph and error values of each iteration.