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Feature Set


  • Regression, classification types of forecasting
  • Time-series forecasting
  • Exceptional ease of use
  • Constructive neural network algorithms
  • Informative graphs and detailed reports
  • Online help system
  • Free technical support
  • Multi-language interface
  • Sample financial, marketing, real estate and scientific problems included

Analyze Your Data

  • Number of inputs and records are limited only by Excel limitations
  • Automatic data analysis and pre-processing
  • Automatic categorical values encoding
  • Automatic numeric values scaling
  • Missing values handling for numeric values (removal and 4 substitution options)
  • Missing values handling for categorical values (removal and 3 substitution options)
  • Outliers handling (customizable outlier coefficient)
  • Manual min/max values specification to anticipate bigger values in data for forecasting
  • Automatic random and sequential dataset partition onto training and test sets
  • Detailed Data Analysis and Preprocessing Report

Create Neural Network

  • Fully automated neural network design - a special state-of-the-art constructive algorithm automatically creates and trains the most suitable neural network to solve your problem.
  • Neural networks for time-series forecasting
  • Unique "Next Target" mode: combination of regression and time-series forecasting
  • Automatic generation of versatile stopping condition to stop network training
  • Generalization loss control (10 preset levels)
  • Retain and restore best network
  • Manual network retrain
  • Retrain network to get better results

For experienced users

  • Manual stopping conditions (target error level, error improvement, correct classification rate, number of iterations)
  • Real-time control on training parameters (MSE, MAE, CCR, # of iterations).
  • Training Error Graph (network error by iteration)
  • Training Error Table (network error and error improvement by iteration)
  • Cost/Loss matrix

Perform Performance Analysis and Forecasting

  • Actual vs Forecasted Graph
  • Actual vs Forecasted Scatter Plot
  • Input Importance Chart
  • Error deviation graph
  • Actual vs Forecasted Table with absolute and relative errors
  • Confusion matrix
  • Error distribution table
  • R-squared and correlation calculation for a network
  • Tolerance levels to quickly estimate overall forecasting quality
  • Single-point forecasting and bulk forecasting
  • Quick forecasting with already trained network

Enjoy User Interface Extras

  • two convenient methods of data selection: by range and by column
  • complete color customization for reports and graphs
  • neural network autosave
  • load/save neural network from/to Excel worksheet/workbook