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Neural networks have been successfully applied to broad spectrum of data-intensive applications. The list below is based on real-world success stories. It will give you an overview of the scope of problems that NeuroIntelligence can address.

Stock Market Prediction
Credit Worthiness
Credit Rating
Bankruptcy Prediction
Property Appraisal
Fraud Detection
Price Forecasts
Economic Indicator Forecasts
Medical Diagnosis
Detection and Evaluation of Medical Phenomena
Patient's Length of Stay Forecasts
Treatment Cost Estimation
Process Control
Quality Control
Temperature and Force Prediction
Pattern Recognition
Recipes and Chemical Formulation Optimization
Chemical Compound Identification
Physical System Modeling
Ecosystem Evaluation
Polymer Identification
Recognizing Genes
Botanical Classification
Signal Processing: Neural Filtering
Biological Systems Analysis
Ground Level Ozone Prognosis
Odor Analysis and Identification
Teaching Neural Networks
Neural Network Research
College Application Screening
Predict Student Performance
Data Mining
Change and Deviation Detection
Knowledge Discovery
Response Modeling
Time Series Analysis
Sales and Marketing
Sales Forecasting
Targeted Marketing
Service Usage Forecasting
Retail Margins Forecasting
Operational Analysis
Retail Inventories Optimization
Scheduling Optimization
Managerial Decision Making
Cash Flow Forecasting
HR Management
Employee Selection and Hiring
Employee Retention
Staff Scheduling
Personnel Profiling
Electrical Load Forecasting
Energy Demand Forecasting
Short and Long-Term Load Estimation
Predicting Gas/Coal Index Prices
Power Control Systems
Hydro Dam Monitoring
Sports Betting
Making Horse and Dog Racing Picks
Quantitative Weather Forecasting
Games Development
Optimization Problems, Routing
Agricultural Production Estimates