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Software for Scientists and R&D Labs

In spite of the thorny path since their initial discovery and formation, Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) have become a proven practical technology with successful applications in different fields of science and technology such as biology, genetics, chemistry, physics, electronics, telecommunications, signal processing, space science, geology, social science, astronomy among others.

Alyuda professional neural network software provides reliable tools for those scientists, both theorists and practitioners, who conduct their research at the cutting edge of technology and require top-notch methods and facilities able to perform impeccably anywhere, be it an intracellular space or the orbit of an Earth-like planet outside our Solar System.

Even when the input data are noisy, full of non-linear dependencies or incomplete, Alyuda neural network software makes it easy to start with NN as it automatically designs, trains and tests networks using the latest advances in AI. However, this software is not a black-box that complicates data analysis and result interpretations as it enables an R&D specialist to:

  • Understand importance of each parameter or variable;
  • Extract knowledge from raw data;
  • Make preliminary data preparation;
  • Select neural networks architecture;
  • Improve quality of modeling by exploiting lots of model training algorithms;
  • Optimize neural networks architecture and training process with Genetic Algorithm;
  • Make input selection.

Alyuda software is for professionals who need to squeeze the maximum from their data, unlike universal statistical and data mining packages it is created for researchers who deeply understand neural networks and can exploit even subtle differences in training algorithms and architectures.

With Alyuda professional neural network software scientists and staff of R&D laboratories can make scientific discoveries and industrial innovations in fields like:

  • Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering;
  • Healthcare Systems;
  • Optimization and Synthesis of Chemical Formulae;
  • Robotics and Autonomous Systems;
  • Alternative Sources of Energy;
  • Modeling of Physical Phenomena;
  • Ecosystem Evaluation;
  • Signal Processing: Neural Filtering;
  • Ground Level Ozone Prognosis;
  • Pattern Recognition;
  • and many others.

Practical efficiency of Alyuda software is proven by many well-known scientists and researchers around the globe, who were able to achieve exceptional results by using Alyuda software when all other packages failed to bring better outcome. Among Alyuda happy customers you can find Boeing Satellite Systems, Bayer Polymers, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cornell University, Universidad Del Mar, Hong Kong Observatory, Exxon Mobile Corporation, Serono S.A. and many others.

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