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Software for Energy Generating and Distribution Companies

It is of crucial importance to energy generating and energy distribution companies to forecast how much and what kind of energy is required in the short and long term. Today market situation requires an extremely high degree of accuracy in load and consumption forecasting.

Medium- and long-term energy load forecasts are prepared based upon a set of the following indicators:

  • gross domestic product;
  • population density;
  • prices of fossil energy carriers (natural gas, black oil, coal, and peat);
  • consumer sector sales expectations.

Short-term and immediate forecasts take into account normal consumer behavior, peak demands for electric energy, seasonal factors and weather forecasts as well as the possibility of emergencies. Using all these variables Alyuda Load Forecasting Software develops a variety of scenarios and then applies respective energy need to each of them. In order to do so, the system combines various advanced technologies, such as logistic regression, decision trees, decision rules and neural networks, mainly focusing on neural nets.

To create solutions for medium- and long-term energy load forecasts for energy generating companies, Alyuda applies its proven professionalism in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and extensive consulting experience in energy industry. These tailored solutions enable energy companies to correctly forecast energy demands and other key factors that condition their profits.

In addition to AI-powered approach to supply and demand forecasting, Alyuda offers proprietary modules based on the original Coherent Energy Consumption Forecast (CECF) Technology. This technology gives an extra advantage in terms of forecast quality since interdependencies in joint consumption of different types of energy are taken into consideration thus enabling energy managers to make decisions of higher quality. Coherence factors are calculated so that they take into account weather forecasts, prices of energy carriers and other variables.

With Alyuda Load Forecasting Software energy companies can constantly minimize costs and maximize profits with:

  • Accurate and reliable forecasts that keep energy costs down and ensure availability of power;
  • Increase in efficiency of combination of cogeneration and district heating;
  • Clearly see the effects of seasonality, population growth, holidays, capacity and more by analyzing past experiences to predict future requirements with greater accuracy;
  • Historically proven significant bottom-line returns due to additional precision in forecasts that ranges from US$250´000 to US$1´000´000 per day.

The Alyuda Load Forecasting Software is deployed as a decision-support middleware. The solution can be easily integrated with 3rd-party software used by energy companies through specialized API and Data Gateways.

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