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Software for Active Traders - Balanced Decisions in Volatile Markets

Alyuda Research offers a unique range of internationally acclaimed trading software products under the Tradecision® trademark. These products are based on the company's own outstanding scientific achievements in the field of neural network technologies, and represent the best in what has globally been achieved in this area.

Leaders' Choice

In response to the enormous and growing demand for speedy and robust trading and forecasting tools worldwide, Alyuda Research developed Tradecision trading software, capable of meeting any kind of challenge professional traders can be faced with in today's volatile markets.

Tradecision has become the software of choice for a great many international customers, enabling thousands of traders, business analysts and engineers to fully enjoy the benefits provided by AI.

Winning Advantage

Alyuda's main distinguishing feature is its ability to implement the latest AI achievements in an extremely user-friendly and easy-to-use fashion, thus creating software products that are highly efficient in minimizing the time-to-solution and maximizing the return on market analysis investment.

Owing to this exceptional ability, we are uniquely positioned to become the best solution to all your needs related to trading and forecasting software.

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