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BrokerBOOSTER® - Request a Quote

Business Section

What is the main reason your company needs its own trading software:
You want to satisfy an increasing number of your clients´ requests for trading software.
You would like to improve your corporate image and strengthen your brand.
You view software as a strong competitive advantage.
You expect to increase your sales and stimulate your clients´ trading activity.
Other (please indicate)

How soon do you need the software up and running:
1-2 months
Other (please indicate)

Which business model suites you the best:
Flat Fee
Percentage Commission
Total Software Development Department Buyout
Technical Section

Trading in which financial instruments do you offer:
Other (please indicate)

Do you have an API for order placement front-end applications:
Yes, we have a complete well-documented API
Yes, we have a complete API, but it is poorly documented
Yes, we have a simplified API
No, we do not have an API

Which kind of order placement solution do your clients currently use:
Web Application
Desktop Application

Which platform is your Order Management System based on:

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