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Product Info

Neural Network System

An ideal neural network-based decision-making system should be able to be seamlessly integrated into your company's existing systems and solutions.

NeuroDienst system is created specifically to provide easy and efficient integration of neural network solutions into business systems and company IT infrastructure.

NeuroDienst neural network system can be installed as a Windows DLL or as a web-service under MS IIS. In both cases, it can be run on a dedicated server (or cluster of servers).

Easy real-time access
to Neural Network Models


Neural Network Solution
with High scalability

With the web-server version of the system, end-user applications can access predictive neural network models through the standard Web interface using a web browser or another client application. NeuroDienst processes user requests and displays the results in the web browser's window. Neural network system can be also accessed as a black box from your business process management software, CRM solution, decision management system or any other system that can be connected to a web-service. Designed with high standards of scalability in mind, NeuroDienst system can provide hundreds of transactions per second. For large companies, scalability can be improved several fold using the advanced load balancing hardware solutions. NeuroDienst can be easily installed and used with a cluster of servers. It is also fully compatible with Microsoft cluster solutions.