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Support Centre
  Free Standard Support

Registered users of Alyuda software are entitled to free technical support.

A support request can be submitted using our online Support Request Form or by email: We normally answer all questions within two business days.

Your support request should contain a clear, detailed description of the problem or question, and, wherever applicable, provide a test case demonstrating the problem.

To request a feature, you can use our Feature Request Form.

Before submitting your support request, please read the appropriate FAQ file:
Alyuda Forecaster FAQ
Alyuda Forecaster XL FAQ
Alyuda NeuroFusion FAQ

  Free Start-Up Support        Free Upgrades   

Buyers of Alyuda software are also entitled to free Start-Up Support. Offering this kind of support for free means that we would like to make sure that you don't have any problems installing and starting to use our software. The Start-Up Support also implies the right to submit 2 free Service Requests per license regarding makinig suitable data for your neural networks and improving the forecasting quality. The Start-Up Support is valid during a thirty days' period following the date of the purchase.
Purchasing a license will include the right to free upgrades for all the early versions (such as 1.1 and 1.2, and so on, released after the main package, which means you are entitled to receive related improvements and bug fixes for free. You will need a new license only for a major new release that follows (like 2.0). When offered to upgrade to the next major release, all registered users of the previous major release will be entitled to a discount.

The above services will only apply to Alyuda-developed software and not any third-party technology bundled with Alyuda software.