Company / Consulting Services


Alyuda offers a broad range of services, from consulting to outsourcing, delivering the best AI-based solutions any kind of company needs to grow and prosper. Our goal is to make science-intensive solutions so simple and beneficial that our customers will not be able to imagine their life without neural networks and other latest AI achievements.

Alyuda provides the following consulting services:

IT Systems for Security Brokerage Businesses
Consultations on developing and setting up IT infrastructure to support online dealing service, integration of the existing trading platform with third-party software, custom development of front-end / back-end trading software applications.

Product Customization
Customizing our software products to meet any specific requirements that you may have.

Financial Applications

Designing and developing AI-powered software for traders and financial analysts according to your specification.

Forecasting Solutions

Designing and developing neural network-powered forecasting software according to your specification.

Neural Networks Research

Solving unique problems by discovering, inventing and creating new types and variations of neural networks.

Other Consulting Services
We are open to discussions on other projects.

If you are interested in our consulting services, please contact us at