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Alyuda Research is one of the world´s leading developers of neural network-based and trading software for enterprises and individuals. The company was founded in 2001 with a simple goal in mind: to help people benefit from the artificial intelligence technologies. In the intervening years, Alyuda Research has become a global market leader, offering a unique range of internationally acclaimed products.

Alyuda Research is a trademark used by Scorto Enterprise Limited for the development and marketing of the company´s software products.

Today, owing to the Alyuda software products, thousands of business analysts, traders and engineers enjoy the benefits of the AI. The Alyuda tools help make more accurate forecasts, thus improving companies´ decision-making process and helping them benefit more fully from the analysis of their corporate datasets.

Additionally, Alyuda offers a broad range of services, from consulting to outsourcing, delivering innovative solutions required to grow and prosper. Our goal is to make science-intensive solutions so simple and beneficial that our customers will not be able to imagine going back to living without neural networks and the other latest AI achievements.

Privately held by its founders and employees, with no debt or outside funding, Alyuda Research has been profitable ever since the company's founding, showing a substantial annual growth rate.

Alyuda's main distinguishing feature is its ability to implement the latest AI achievements in an extremely user-friendly and easy-to-use fashion, thus creating software products that are highly efficient in minimizing the time-to-solution and maximizing the return on market analysis investment.

In this time of crisis, Alyuda Research, as ever dedicated to excellence in software development, is striving to meet new customers´ needs and assist them in cutting operational and R&D costs. At numerous customers´ requests to reduce service fees for the period of the current financial turmoil, all development and support facilities have been moved to the Ukrainian office. Today, to help our customer succeed in these turbulent and demanding times, Alyuda is eager to offer its great experience in working with US and European companies coupled with professional services and affordable prices.